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Mirage 250ml 5% SC

Original price was: ₨ 800.Current price is: ₨ 650.

Mirage :

is a new termiticide containing the novel active ingredient ” Imidaclopride” which belongs to a brand new chemical group Chloronicotinyl. It acts on the insects by ingestion and by contact. It’s unique mode of action inhabits the nerve impuls and makes it different from other available termiticide “Mirage” Insure intensive and complete control against all types of termite and wood boring insect.

Direction for Use :

Make spray solution according to following schedule:


Spray , Shower or flood the water mixed solution @ 4 liters per Sq. meter (10.6 sq)
  • Foundation pits
  • Foundation when reaches at DPC level
  • Before construction of temporary (katcha) floor.
  • Between constructed area and outer plot.
  • boundry before concrete

Post Construction:

Drill holes inside and outside the walls at every 2 ft distance inject or pour solution @5 liters per hole in order to create a barrier inside. and outside around the walls and ground surface. All holes on wooden doors cupboards, windows and their frames.

Usage on wooden :

In one liter “Mirage” mix 32liters of water and spray with low pressure spray pump on wooden fixtures or apply with brush or dip wood in its solution.